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So, now you know the rest of the story – so far…

But why would James end up learning from Reuben? They may have been contemporaries, and even known each other when alive, but now they are spirits, what would bind them… 

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the real story

The various phases of the journey reveal perhaps there was some other forces at work thwarting the intentions of the Bretheren. In fact, perhaps even larger than just what the Brethren were up to. Getting the insights and perspectives of his grave neighbor Reuben has James see some patterns and threads that were there all along, just ignored by him in the hustle and bustle of being alive. Scroll down to hear how James now sees the events that impacted his life in such a dramtic (and tragic) way.
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At Mount Union Cemetery there is a real-life quest you can undertake. No more clues here – go find it, go figure it out…

James Keezel was zealously working to support the radical college – the true and just direction the Brethren should be pursuing. By making this venture an outstanding success would show them and the world that the forces of righteous and justice were aligned with the radicals. Even after it cost him his life, he was convinced of the justice of his cause. 

He watched in dismay the destruction of the Keezel Memorial Chapel building  – it was a travesty and he undertook to prevent his legacy and the works for light and justice from going to waste and ruin.

His zealous guardianship paid off when he managed to influence the janitor to return to his post in time to prevent the second fire from becoming a repeat – best pleased with his efforts, he was understandably perturbed that despite his watch a fire did again destroy his chapel! 

 Seeking counsel from his cemetery neighbor, he was finally open to hear some of the facts he had previously been in denial about – for this was clearly an effort and intention to thwart the ongoing success of the Radical college, and inn fact, pointed to the underlying machinations of the whole schism in the Brethren.  

The nature of the original dispute was indeed a small matter that sane, normal men in the ordinary course of their business and conferences would be able to resolve, and yet, in this case would not, could not, was in hind sight – of which James now had plenty! – indeed ludicrous. 

Under the patient expounding by Rueben another force was becoming apparent – the outright suppression and dilution of the foundational inclusiveness of the Brethren, and like organizations and movements.

His eyes finally open he now devoted his guardianship to ensure that Sarah's efforts would be in the proper application towards equality and emancipation. Indeed, fair and unhindered communications through the U.S. Postal Service was critical, and an obvious place to support and prevent machinations of those other powers.

And those forces were indeed still hell-bent on wrecking havoc and suppressing all movement towards the direction James was now finally fully cognizant of and aligned with. And they still used fire as a tool to suppress those efforts – he was able to mitigate the fire aimed at the Ladies organization that operated out of the Ladies Lounge in the Whiteside. Which is where you came in.