S2 – Episode 3 – No place for White folk

Congratulations on making it around Philomath!
Here's your first challenge for this episode...

Now, let's take the next step on the trail to the settling of Oregon and the issues faced by our collective pioneers in their day…

As James and Reuben knew each other when alive and in the world we now inhabit, they built upon their acquaintance in the next world. Time flows differently over there, so what may seem like a week or a month here, where they now reside, time is somewhat meaningless. There was common ground between the new men in their previous existence as evidenced in the doctrine of the United Brethern. Can you decipher what was unique about the church, and how it would reflect on Reuben and James' relationship?

Here are 3 pages excerpted from a thesis researched, written and presented by C. G. Springer in 1929 at the University of Oregon. entitled “A History of Philomath.” In it he reports on some of the changes the United Brethren Church was experiencing, as evidenced in meeting notes from the first annual conference August 30, 1865.


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