Challenge 4.2 Granger Things

You’ll take a closer look at your newly pilfered collection when you get to the grange.

The Grange is another older structure that is clearly being renovated. Preserved…for what?

What was the purpose of such a place, and what will it be now? And way out here on Greenburg Road – who in the world would come here – besides you of course…?

Look around a bit!  See if you can discover these few contemporary aspects to the structure as you walk around it.  (Or virtually here..)

Find a place to sit, and pull out the pilfered tidbits from the library.

Look closer at the collection of yellowed bits from long ago newspapers. There is something strange about them – words are highlighted in some way or another. Among the other bits of paper and cardboard you find a word search that had been published in the 1930s. (So confusing – this criss crossing of time).

Like all the locations you’ve visited before, you know that there is something being told to you here – a message – and being the inquisitive person you are, you just have to see what, if anything, there is to decipher here.

Collection of newspaper clippings.