Game Overview

Welcome to our Clue Hunt through spaces and time in Benton County Oregon. Over the next several weeks you'll embark on an adventure taking you to 5 unique locations in the county, many of which are said to be harboring guests from a different era.

As you explore these historical treasures, you'll uncover pieces of the (fictional) story being told by spectral residents from times gone by. Collect as much information as you can over the next three weeks to help these ghostly citizens get the much needed rest they so richly deserve…

For players who are already registered, you will receive e-mails on Saturday May 1st, 8th and 15th that will take you directly to the week's challenge page where you begin that set of adventures. 

If you haven't yet, please register for the Grand Finale Zoom event by clicking the button below.

Please share our game, this website, and the magical treasures within!


Not Yet Registered for the Game?

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2 Ways to Play

On the Ground Adventure includes two ways to play–either by downloading the PDF game materials and printing them–OR–by accessing the game from the ActionBound app on your mobile phone.

Virtual Adventure is delivered to you virtually through the Spectres website.