Episode Two – Schooling Women

Welcome to the Library Labyrinth ~or~ Kidder's Conundrum

What we Spectre Hunters know so far – 

  • George got wind of a serious transgression out of time.
  • The burglars were thwarted by an apparition and didn’t find what they were looking for.
  • Mrs. Buchanan’s behavior seemed odd – being more concerned with an ancient will than her heirloom gold chain being stolen.  
  • The collared robbers seemed eager to unburden themselves of their story and get out of town – even if in chains.
  • The ghost’s message seems to allude to a great strive happening, or happening again. What could that be? What was the ghost saying?

“You have demonstrated your interest in the thwarting of these miscreants. Yet much work remains. Any great change must expect opposition, because it shakes the very foundation of privilege. Forces are at work that will demand your detective skills as you move forward to finally lift a shroud from these injustices past.”


The library is the place to get those questions resolved – and it would have to be the old library on campus, the one that existed back then – in fact, was brand new in 1918

At the library you make inquiries about the matter. The person says you probably need the old archives section and refers you to the basement. You descend into the bowels of the building, and the stairs seem to be the only way to get there. It really is an old building. The light in the staircase and landings are dim here. As you turn a landing to the next flight down it also seems to be getting colder – you suppress a shiver. At the bottom of the stairs, there is more light, it seems to shimmer for a moment. You notice this floor is better maintained – maybe the building is being renovated and they’re starting at the bottom? Doing a good job – it all looks fresh and brand-new. 

 The attentive, motherly librarian behind the desk asks how she can help and you relay the message you have and are looking for more information on the case. She hands you a folded sheet and says, cryptically, I can’t help you directly but you can find your answers on the labyrinth map of this library floor.

Upon opening, it is a detailed map of what looks like a labyrinth of shelves and rows of books.

She points –. Make your way to the other vestibule and you will find an answer there. She points, then says I must tend to my other charges, and vanishes behind a cart piled with ancient tomes, from the dates on the spines – 1908 to 1919 yearbooks, it looks like. And in mint condition…


  • Labyrinth (Click image below to download the PDF. Print to 8 1/2 x 14″ for best experience.)
  • Hightlighter Pens (3 different colors or 3 methods of highlighting)
  • Combination Lock (below the Library Labyrinth image below)
  • Cryptogram (becomes available when you are successful in the first challenge)


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions on the OSU Campus, Kidder Hall is off-limits to the general public for the time being. This first challenge can only be played online or on paper. For the same reason, the Smartphone version is also unavailable as that is designed to take you to on-site locations.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and will return to our planned operational status at the earliest opportunity.


Now, make your way to the other vestibule. (Good thing you have your highlighter pens in your pocket!) There is a locked case there, with a combination lock – but wait! It requires NUMBERS!  You don't recall seeing numbers along the way. But there were other symbols along the way. You may have to retrace your steps…

When you deduce the set of numbers needed for the lock, come back here and enter combinations until you succeed in opening the lock. If you pay close attention, the combination itself has a message from the motherly librarian…


The mechanism whirs and a hidden drawer clicks open. Inside is a parchment, stiff with age. You open it gingerly, and read the message –

follow faith to gather characters before time to change gives you time to reflect on what is revealed.

Hints for Challenge 3 - The Library Labyrinth -or- Kidder Conundrum