Episode Three – Granger Things

Episode Three - Challenge 4

What we Spectre Hunters know so far – 

  • George got wind of a serious transgression out of time.
  • The burglars were thwarted by an apparition and didn’t find what they were looking for.
  • The collared robbers seemed eager to unburden themselves of their story and get out of town – even if in chains.
  • The document Mrs Buchanan saved is going to the Grange


Mrs. Buchanan delivers the will to the ladies of the grange to protect the explosive content contained

Now that you’ve deciphered the message, you continue to move through the rows of books, papers and collections held in the basement of the library, retracing your path to the exit. There is the slap of a large book falling forcefully to the floor in an adjacent aisle. You move toward the sound and see a sheaf of papers and other objects strewn on the floor in a small vestibule peppered with study desks.  You spy an exit at the end of the vestibule – not the same door you came in. 

As you move into the vestibule the lights flicker, dim, flash out for a moment and come back on. The room seems to have aged – perhaps the renovators hadn’t made it to this area quite yet? You lean down and pick up the papers and other matter off the floor, placing them on one of the study desks and sift through it.

Some of the papers seem to be pages from a scrapbook. There are lots of newspaper clippings from the early 1900s into the 1930s. The pages seem to be themed. There are also pieces to a jigsaw puzzle – the size of puzzle you’d expect to see for a young child learning to recognize patterns and how things work together.

You are drawn to putting the puzzle together, so you sit down and gather all the pieces…


  • Puzzle (CLICK HERE to download the PDF to print, cut out and assemble.)
  • Solve the puzzle to advance to the next challenge
Oregon Grange Convention @ Myrtle Point


The mechanism whirs and a hidden drawer clicks open. Inside is a parchment, stiff with age. You open it gingerly, and read the message –

follow faith to gather characters before time to change gives you time to reflect on what is revealed.

Hints for Challenge 4 - Granger Things