Challenge 2.0 – Courthouse Crackers

As you progress through games and challenges, you will encounter
webpages with a puzzle , quiz, or other challenge.

Follow the instructions on the page to solve the challenge, and at the successful completion of the challenge, a pop-up will show congratulating you. It may also show some additional information. Take note of the crucial information presented, as it will only be shown in this pop-up, and can only be  shown again by solving the challenge again.

CRITICAL – at the bottom of the congratulation popup is the link to the next page in the game.


If you close the pop-up, you’ll have to reload the page, and solve the challenge again.

On to the Game!

Challenge 1

You start making your way to the courthouse through the street market pondering the information you have gathered – you are jostled by – street urchins?  hadn’t been aware those poor blighters still existed in Corvallis – and the market seems crowdier and rowdier than usual. The light is odd somehow as well. Maybe smoke from the wildfires, or – someone is roasting hazelnuts, and you get a portion – quaintly wrapped in newspaper – very old-school – very proper street-market. Anyhow, you get to the courthouse, and now what…Deep in thought you put your hands in your pockets – and find a wad of paper. You pull it out – it looks like a shredded sheet of…